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Get to know: Life Repairs

What is a Life Repair?

I’ve been promoting what is a Life Repair and people have asked what it is. Well, is just that, we do get a profile of your present life situation and we taylor made a program targeting all those areas you want to improve or simply you have problems with.

I do use Dianetics. Why? because in my personal life, loooong time ago, I was looking and searching for solutions to my life. I had fabulous jobs but somehow I couldn’t keep them. When I discovered Dianetics, in a matter of less than 25 hours my life dramatically changed from the bottom to the top. From being a miserable, gloomy griefy mess that I was, I was enthusiastic, energetic and a positive person.

Then I decided to help other people and decided to study Dianetics. That was 28 years ago.

Life Repairs are the only solution to rapidly and permanently change your life. And guess what? Those things that were bothering you WON’T COME BACK EVER AGAIN.

So you want a real definite change in your life? DO A LIFE REPAIR.

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