Get to know more about: Is it possible to achieve Happiness?

Is it possible to achieve Happiness?

You see it in all romantic, feel good and inspirational movies: Happy Endings… (except French movies of course!) Mankind has search for it for eons, is so ephemeral, so thought for but lasts too little. How can I be happy? Going shopping? cheating my partner? being simply a good person, BUT HOW?

Believe it or not happiness is buried within you. What doesn’t make you happy are all those moments of distress, losses, fears and pain that have buried your spark for life. Once taken off those specific moments in your life that changed for the worst, you experience happiness.

Is like a child that has so much energy. Have you ever seen a child being brought up by a mad and angry person, or a depressed one? This kid will lose the spark of life and will become an angry and hostile child. Well that’s what happens, the joy of life is buried underneath all those bad experiences.

What is happiness?  Happiness is to  survive well and with a purpose,  to feel light, not feeling insecure or having fears or feelings of guilt. Happiness is having a sensation of wellness that you can survive and achieve goals.  How come many  don’t feel like that everyday? There is something that everyone has: Reactive Mind, which is explained in the book DIANETICS. EVERYONE HAS IT, until you decide to eliminate it with Dianetics. I can help you get rid of those feelings and achieve higher states of being with a LIFE REPAIR.

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