How to keep the spark in your relationship


Poets have praised it, people have died for it, gazillions of soap opera are aired with it, more gazillions of songs are written about it. Still there are more divorces than ever, and people are still looking for it incessantly. How many times we have had problems with another person when we wrote them something, THANK GOD for the Emojis!!! How many times we have had problems with our significant other because of misunderstandings, and how many divorces have happened because their communication was terrible and years later they regret.

Love is a simple formula that Mr. L. Ron Hubbard found out on how to keep alive this thing called love.  He found out that it was a triangle composed of AFFINITY, REALITY and COMMUNICATION, that all together is UNDERSTANDING and it is the universal solvent of all difficulties.

If you cannot communicate to a person, immediately you don’t have reality of what they think or feel and of course your affinity is gone. Less is to expect to understand the person.

Affinity means closeness, wanting to be in the same space. Reality is agreements of the solid objects, ideas etc. Communication is the interchange of ideas, thoughts written or verbal, even thoughts. And if you have them all in, you have understanding. Boy is that what we need in this world!

If you understand your kid’s desires, you have a lot of closeness with him/her. If you have reality with your spouse or significant other, your affinity and communication is high. If you have understanding, meaning having all that formula in, with your co-workers you have a TEAM.

A LIFE REPAIR what it does is to take you to those moments of stuck attention you have and you make peace of yourself by examining where this formula failed and miraculously that thing, that heaviness disappears, leaving you in peace with yourself and somehow you re-establish the good feelings with others.

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