Is your marriage failing?

Repair your marriage and future

So many marriages are doom to fail, that people are distrusting the institution of marriage. No matter with whom you marry, there are natural laws that rule the coexistence with another person.

It is so sad to see how all the hopes and goals of a marriage starts disintegrating and ending up in a divorce.  People put so much enthusiasm for their wedding, for future plans but rarely both parts know what they want from each other.

You tube video “Al tanto con Marisel Hernandez”

With time passing, those goals become disagreements and then people start individuating from each other. These become secrets, then these secrets become monsters that haunts the person and cannot sleep and has anxieties. A new girl comes to the work place and the husband justifies “things are not going well at home, let me try someone new”, and so on. Or she knows they don’t have enough money for something they need and starts spending it behind his back.

I can tell many, thousands of examples, but there is one cause. When one breaks agreements, the communications starts failing, the couple starts fighting and withholding from each other and that’s where all starts to collapse.

In Life Improvement we have tools that work, using Dianetics and Scientology. We have saved marriages and they can rebuilt their future with sound tools that won’t fail. We treat each person individually and help them to recover each other trust.

Love is still there, but all this junk has buried it. Clean it up and have a great future.


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