Life Repair – What are your Goals? Where Are you going? Who are you?

(ESPAÑOL – REPARACION DE VIDA ¿Cuáles son tus metas? ¿A dónde vas? ¿Por qué estás aquí? ¿Qué eres tú?)

I have seen a lot of people in my practice through out the years, of  which I can say few things about human behavior. But what calls my attention is that people sometimes don’t know what are their goals, where are they going in life, uncertainties and more uncertainties. The future seems far or confused. Well, after a LIFE REPAIR and some more auditing these things become: CERTAINTIES ABOUT LIFE. They know where they are going and have their goals back or get new ones.

“What are your goals? Where are you going? Why are you here? What are you?
Scientology has answers to these questions, good answers that are tru, answers that work for you. For the Subject matter of Scientology is you.” |
L. Ron Hubbard – New Slant on Life

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