Feeling guilty and anxiety attacks?

Lots of anxiety and feelings of guilt?  

          Mercedes Alvarez- Executive Life Coach

Sometimes we commit errors unwillingly due to misunderstandings, ignorance or not understanding a situation. With this comes the feeling of guilt and subsequently one withdraw from the area one affected or simply stop talking to the person one harmed. With this also comes finding faults to the other person, and the dwindling spirals of the relationship begins.

What is the aim in Life?  The aim in life is happiness, right? But still there are things in our mind that stops us, thoughts that lurking us from the past and losses we haven’t recovered. Why people feel alone, insecure and with these fears?

There is a reason and it is called the REACTIVE MIND. Dianetics (the Modern Science of Mental Health) explains why people have feelings of loneliness, fears and thoughts that won’t go away. It is because the unwanted and unknown episodes in our lives are trigger without warning and then we don’t know how to get rid of it, and we feel all those unwanted emotions and insecuritiesWith A

With a Dianetics Life Repair you can find and get rid of the source of these thoughts where they are deeply buried but are actively affecting you. DO A LIFE REPAIR.

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