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Get A Grip Of Your Life – Life Repair



I see a lot of people that live in a constant stress. They think is the boss or the traffic or the bills but no matter what the person thinks it is, the stress is still there. Well, most part of that stress is confusion. At work we may be confused about something and we commit errors giving us insecurity and uncertainty how long we are keeping that job. The same happens on other areas of life like relationships, marriage and rearing of children. These keep piling up to a point the person literally is at the brink of a collapse!! A LIFE REPAIR helps the person to identify the sources of confusion making the person brighter, confident and more secure, thus more able.

“Confusion is the basic cause of stupidity. To the stupid, all thing except the very simple ones are confused. Thus, if one knew the anatomy of confusion, no matter how bright one might be, he would be brighter.”
“Confusion is uncertainty. Confusion is stupidity. Confusion is insecurity.
What, then, is certainty? Lack of confusion. What, then, is intelligence? Ability to handle confusion.  What, then, is security? The ability to go through or around or to bring order to confusion. –
L. Ron Hubbard – New Slant on Life

Life Repair – Confused People…


People get all confused with all the things in their lives and confuses one area with another, marriage and work with kids with self with belongings with……
When one can understand these areas, one can handle life more efficiently.
A LIFE REPAIR helps to balance these areas so you can live a better life.

“As one looks out across the confusion which is life or existence to most people, one can discover eight main divisions.
There could be said to be eight urges (drives, impulses) in life.
These we call
These are motives or motivations.
The purpose in setting forth this division is to increase an understanding of life by placing it in compartments.” |
L. Ron Hubbard. – New Slant on Life

Life Repair – What are your Goals? Where Are you going? Who are you?

(ESPAÑOL – REPARACION DE VIDA ¿Cuáles son tus metas? ¿A dónde vas? ¿Por qué estás aquí? ¿Qué eres tú?)

I have seen a lot of people in my practice through out the years, of  which I can say few things about human behavior. But what calls my attention is that people sometimes don’t know what are their goals, where are they going in life, uncertainties and more uncertainties. The future seems far or confused. Well, after a LIFE REPAIR and some more auditing these things become: CERTAINTIES ABOUT LIFE. They know where they are going and have their goals back or get new ones.

“What are your goals? Where are you going? Why are you here? What are you?
Scientology has answers to these questions, good answers that are tru, answers that work for you. For the Subject matter of Scientology is you.” |
L. Ron Hubbard – New Slant on Life

What Is An Ability? Power or Capacity to Act… – Auditing

(ESPAÑOL “Haz CLIC”- ¿Qué es la capacidad? Es la cualidad de ser capaz de hacer algo; poder o aptitud para actuar. Definición  Glosario Dianética 55!)

What is an ability?  Is the quality of being able to do something; power or capacity to act.
Glossary definition of Dianetics 55!

How auditing can help the person with this? What auditing does is that removes the barriers you have created along your life, after bad situations, failures, fears or also what other people have put on your path. Auditing is smooth and simple and goes directly to remove these barriers setting you free of that load. In a matter of hours (usually from 25 or 37 hours of auditing) you handle things that in “psychotherapy” tries to do in years without much result.
A LIFE REPAIR is just that, repairs your life easily, giving you more abilities to handle the different areas of life, work, people, relationships, children and yourself.

“Our emphasis today is upon ability. We have found that the more we increase the ability of a person, the better the byproducts around him become. Simply by increasing an individual’s ability to walk or talk, we can change his physical beingness** and his mental outlook.” | L.Ron Hubbard – Dianetics 55!

** beingness: The condition or state of being; existence.
*Auditing is that action in which the practitioner applies the technology of Scientology/Dianetics to help a person increase self confidence, happiness and more abilities.