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Get A Grip Of Your Life – Life Repair



I see a lot of people that live in a constant stress. They think is the boss or the traffic or the bills but no matter what the person thinks it is, the stress is still there. Well, most part of that stress is confusion. At work we may be confused about something and we commit errors giving us insecurity and uncertainty how long we are keeping that job. The same happens on other areas of life like relationships, marriage and rearing of children. These keep piling up to a point the person literally is at the brink of a collapse!! A LIFE REPAIR helps the person to identify the sources of confusion making the person brighter, confident and more secure, thus more able.

“Confusion is the basic cause of stupidity. To the stupid, all thing except the very simple ones are confused. Thus, if one knew the anatomy of confusion, no matter how bright one might be, he would be brighter.”
“Confusion is uncertainty. Confusion is stupidity. Confusion is insecurity.
What, then, is certainty? Lack of confusion. What, then, is intelligence? Ability to handle confusion.  What, then, is security? The ability to go through or around or to bring order to confusion. –
L. Ron Hubbard – New Slant on Life

We Create Leaders! Our New Promo Campaign!

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Why we say we create leaders?

We help the person to remove all their barriers toward success in any area of their lives. Then it is like a free highway to creation, power and decision.

A LIFE REPAIR EMPOWERS YOU WITH YOUR OWN ABILITIES WHICH ARE FREE TO DEVELOP.  Find out more what is a Life Repair. Go to www.lifeimprovement.info