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We Create Leaders! Our New Promo Campaign!

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Why we say we create leaders?

We help the person to remove all their barriers toward success in any area of their lives. Then it is like a free highway to creation, power and decision.

A LIFE REPAIR EMPOWERS YOU WITH YOUR OWN ABILITIES WHICH ARE FREE TO DEVELOP.  Find out more what is a Life Repair. Go to www.lifeimprovement.info

What Is An Ability? Power or Capacity to Act… – Auditing

(ESPAÑOL “Haz CLIC”- ¿Qué es la capacidad? Es la cualidad de ser capaz de hacer algo; poder o aptitud para actuar. Definición  Glosario Dianética 55!)

What is an ability?  Is the quality of being able to do something; power or capacity to act.
Glossary definition of Dianetics 55!

How auditing can help the person with this? What auditing does is that removes the barriers you have created along your life, after bad situations, failures, fears or also what other people have put on your path. Auditing is smooth and simple and goes directly to remove these barriers setting you free of that load. In a matter of hours (usually from 25 or 37 hours of auditing) you handle things that in “psychotherapy” tries to do in years without much result.
A LIFE REPAIR is just that, repairs your life easily, giving you more abilities to handle the different areas of life, work, people, relationships, children and yourself.

“Our emphasis today is upon ability. We have found that the more we increase the ability of a person, the better the byproducts around him become. Simply by increasing an individual’s ability to walk or talk, we can change his physical beingness** and his mental outlook.” | L.Ron Hubbard – Dianetics 55!

** beingness: The condition or state of being; existence.
*Auditing is that action in which the practitioner applies the technology of Scientology/Dianetics to help a person increase self confidence, happiness and more abilities.

Increase Your Abilities – Auditing

(ESPAÑOL – ¿Quieres Incrementar Tus Habilidades?

How many times people tell you the things you do wrong? I bet millions of times. How many times you have tried to fix them? I bet millions of times. I got a very simple solution.
Let me tell you two things. First, you have the inabilities because somehow you didn’t know how to do something or you just had no clue on how to solve a problem in your life, then and you failed. But inside of you, you know the right solution but you may be afraid to do it. The second thing is, modern psychology and the like only concentrate on the DISABILITIES. Wrong, wrong. That is why in the end this “science” has created a numerous amount of “disabilities” and then make the person live with it. In Scientology Auditing we frankly don’t care about the disabilities.  You may say, “WHAT?” Yes, we only concentrate on those things the person can do and we improve it. This gives the person SELF CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY about him/herself and the person will automatically will blow the disabilities. Simple, right? but possible. That’s is auditing.
 “Don’t list the disabilities of the preclears [person receiving auditing] and don’t audit them, because they can’t be improved and still improve the preclear. Find his ability and improve it. Don’t bother with what’s wrong with him.
[…] And if diagnosis is the discovery of wrongness, then don’t diagnose. Observe. What is the preclear’s ability? Improve it.”

L.Ron Hubbard
Auditing Techniques: How Far South?
5 February 1957

*Auditing is that action in which the practitioner applies the technology of Scientology/Dianetics to help a person increase self confidence, happiness and more abilities.