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We Create Leaders! Our New Promo Campaign!

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Mercedes Alvarez counselor coach dianetics life improvement

Our new promo for you to share in your favorite social media & pass on to your friends and contacts.

“We Create Leaders” , leaders over your life, career, profession and relationships.  Succeed in any area of your life.

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Life Repair – Success Story (En Español)

("Click" on image to read our Newsletter | "Clic" en la imagen para leer nuestro Boletin)

(“Click” on image to read our Newsletter | “Clic” en la imagen para leer nuestro Boletin)

Life Repair Success Story – (Español Aquí)

“After doing my Life Repair I feel freer because I learned that things from the past can hinder on you in your present life, your decisions and trying to be at cause. My relationship with my husband was really explosive for no reason, and I didn’t want to realize that. Only by doing the Life Repair I could see all these things.

With only doing it the asthma my child was suffering was cured 90% and he has no more. The relationship with my husband has improved and it is solid. (Read More… | Español Aquí)

What is a Life Repair? |¿Que Es una Reparacion de Vida?

"Click" to read our Newsletter | "Clic" para leer nuestro Boletin

“Click” to read our Newsletter | “Clic” para leer nuestro Boletin

Life Repair Success Story | (Español Aquí)

“I came to audit because I was submerged in the deepest depression. It seems I couldn’t handle life’s limitations that senior life imposes, the stress, the lack of immediate memory and the violent reactions I had and the unhappiness that everyday life presents were overwhelming me to the point of having an asphyxiating sensation.

It was during the auditing that I learned the WHY of my uncontrollable conduct, I recognized the real causes. I could find the remedies and tools that would permit manage and handle my reactive behavior and could control it. On the other hand could see how the lack of rest was affecting not only my health but also my behavior. (Read More… | Español Aquí)